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How to manually activate & select OpenSignals add-ons

Usually, the OpenSignals add-on activation and selection occurs automatically with no additional whenever you connect a device with associated add-on licenses available to your OpenSignals software. However, this how-to is aimed for the cases in which the activation must be done manually.

OpenSignals (r)evolution add-ons extend the capabilities of OpenSignals by adding signal processing features for specific devices. The add-ons are linked to your device and the verification process is automatically conducted via your device’s MAC-address as soon as you connect your device to OpenSignals.

Important Note: Internet Connection Required

First-time activation of your OpenSignals add-ons requires an active internet connection as the software must verify the MAC-address of your device with the PLUX servers. Afterwards, no active internet connection is required for the use of the add-ons.

Step 1: Connect your device to OpenSignals (r)evolution

OpenSignals add-ons are linked to the MAC-address of your device, which can be found on the back of your device.

Connect the device to the OpenSignals using the software’s device manager which you can access via the button highlighted in the main interface below. The device manager will automatically search for your device and connect it. If done successfully, your device should appear in the device manager as seen below.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, access device manager

Confirm that the MAC-address (MAC field below) corresponds to your device and proceed with the next step, otherwise repeat the current step until the device appears in your device manager.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, MAC-Address confirmation,

Step 2: Select your add-ons

Enter the help interface by clicking on the “?” icon in the OpenSignals interface.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, Select your add-ons

The help interface lists all the available add-ons. Check the checkbox next to each of the add-on that you want to activate (the checkbox can only be checked for available add-ons for your device).

If done correctly, the help interface should now look similar to the one seen in the screenshot below (here with the example of the EMG Analysis add-on):

plux biosignals, OpenSignals,  checkboxes of the Add-ons

Step 3: Access your add-on

Two types of add-ons exist for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software:

  • Online add-ons: process data in real-time during signal acquisition and are available in the acquisition mode
  • Offline add-ons: post-processing of acquired acquisition data and are available in the visualization mode

This example shows how to access an offline add-on in the visualization mode, however, the main steps are the same for online add-ons with only the acquisition mode being used instead. Enter the visualization mode by clicking on the “play” button in the OpenSignals main interface.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, Access your add-on

Click on the add-ons button highlighted in the screenshot below to access your add-ons.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, acess your add-on


Select the add-on you want to use from the selection of available add-ons as highlighted in the screenshot below.

plux biosignas, OpenSignals, selection of available add-ons

Your add-on should now be visible as seen in the screenshot below.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, selection of available add-ons

What if I still can’t activate my add-ons?

Ensure that your product has in fact add-ons associated to it (i.e. you either purchased a kit with add-ons included or purchased add-ons individually) and proceed as follows:

If you have not purchased any add-ons or kits with add-ons included, then visit the OpenSignals section of our webstore where you can purchase add-ons.

If you have purchased add-ons or add-ons included in kits but can’t activate the add-ons with the instructions provided above, use the form bellow to submit your device’s MAC-address or contact our support team. One of our team member will reach out to you to verify if and which add-ons are available for your device and provide you a license key for a manual insertion if necessary.

OpenSignals Add-On Activation Request: Device's MAC-address here

Opensignals add-on activation process
You can find your order number on your Order confirmation e-mail.

Updated on 29 de June de 2022

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