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physioplux Product Line Discontinuation

Important Information

physioplux will be discontinued until the 31st of December 2022. Find all relevant information for this topic below.

Why is physioplux being discontinued?

In 2022, PLUX decided on what segment to focus on to continue delivering reliable, high-quality, and state-of-the-art solutions for these continuously and quickly evolving customer segments we’re working for.

Eventually, the decision was made to focus on what we do best: developing multi-sensor systems especially focused on biosignal education, research, and development.

With our focus and resources now shifted fully towards this goal, we believe that we can no longer fully commit to staying state-of-the-art in the physiotherapy field and decided to discontinue physioplux before starting to compromise on its quality and reliability.

The decision was not easy, but we believe that it was made with the best intentions for our customer bases.

physioplux Discontinuation Timeline

1st of September 2022:

  • physioplux Discontinuation period start
  • End of marketing activities
  • End of sales activities for new customers (sales for existing customers remain in case customers want to stock up on products & components)
  • Continued technical support and guidance
  • Discontinuation start of cloud-based physioplux features which are mostly obsolete and non essential for physioplux Clinical

Until 31st of December 2022:

  • Allocation of physioplux support & guidance resources for existing customers on PLUX’s
  • Support platform (support.pluxbiosignals.com)
  • Continued sales & support for existing physioplux customers

1st of January 2023:

  • Discontinuation of the entire physioplux product line
  • Start of the End of Life (EoL) cycle: support & repair services are provided to customers within their active warranty period
  • No further addition of new features to physioplux Clinical

1st of January 2025:

  • EoL Cycle end: support & repair services are fully discontinued

What will happen to physioplux? What does discontinuation mean?

Discontinuation of physioplux means that the sales activity for physioplux will be seized entirely and that products under the physioplux are no longer used for resale, OEM, or other commercial purposes.

However, the stop of sales activities does not equal the stop of physioplux support (see physioplux discontinuation timeline).

What physioplux products will be discontinued?

Essentially all physioplux Brand products will be discontinued, except for products and/or components that are shared among other PLUX brands.

The following physioplux exclusive products will be fully discontinued in December 2022 with support ongoing until the end of the EoL period.

  • physioplux Clinical shoulder
  • physioplux Clinical knee
  • physioplux Clinical pelvic
  • physioplux Clinical Pro
  • physioplux Clinical Expert

The following physioplux add-ons/extensions are removed from the Google Play & App Store as of September 2022 and will no longer sold to new customers (App installation files can be provided for existing customers upon request with Android & iOS system requirements):

  • physioplux GO
  • physioplux TRAINER

Customers can continue using their muscleBANs of these add-ons/extensions for educational and research purposes with PLUX’s OpenSignals software.

The following products are shared with PLUX’s biosignalsplux product lines and will remain available in our product portfolio as they are part of other product lines (primarily biosignalsplux):

  • 4- & 8-Channel hubs
  • Hub Accessories
  • Electromyography (EMG) sensors
  • Other shared accessories (e.g. electrodes)

PLUX Biosignals is preparing a minimum stock for support and repair cases of the discontinued products.

Will customers be able to use other PLUX products to replace physioplux now or in
the future?

In short: No, they won’t.

physioplux has been developed and certified according to medical device regulations to ensure its reliability and safe use to guide clinical treatment within the specific context of physiotherapy sessions.

Our remaining product portfolio is targeted for education & research purposes. Although feature-rich and versatile, these products have not been designed for the intended use in physiotherapy, and for this reason cannot be used for diagnostic, therapy, or any other comparable context in physiotherapy.

Will the concept of physioplux return to the new OpenSignals software?

We are working on biofeedback features for our new generation of OpenSignals software (coming in 2023).

Some biofeedback features will certainly be influenced by our experience with physioplux, but we will focus on developing those for educational and research use but not for medical use in physiotherapy.

Updated on 15 de September de 2022

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