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OpenSignals (r)evolution (Download)

plux biosignals, OpenSignals logo
plux biosignals, OpenSignals software

OpenSignals is our easy-to-use and versatile software suite for real-time biosignals visualisation, compatible with all PLUX devices.

Core functionalities include sensor data acquisition from multiple channels and devices concurrently, data visualisation and recording. In addition, OpenSignals has a suite of data analysis add-ons to create reports from the recorded data and extract features directly from the signals without having to do any coding.

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, macOS download


plux biosignals, OpenSignals, Linux download


plux biosignals, OpenSignals, Android download


Reliable biosignal acquisition & visualization

  • Supports all biosignalsplux Bluetooth devices
  • Real-time signal acquisition & visualization from up to 24-channels simultaneously (3 devices)
  • Offline data visualization
  • Data logging & scheduling features (1)
  • Automatic sensor detection(2)
  • Automatic reconnection features to recover from unstable Bluetooth connections

Multi-Platform & Third-Party Compatible Data Exchange

Extensive list of signal processing add-ons

(1) requires 16GB internal memory feature for 4-channel & 8-channel biosignalsplux devices (not included by default in all biosignalsplux kits)

(2) requires biosignalsplux firmware v.3.7 or newer; firmware and installation tool available here
(3) additional purchase may be required; not included in all biosignalplux kits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is OpenSignals available for free?

Yes, the base version of OpenSignals which allows you to record, visualize, and export sensor signals with BITalino and biosignalsplux devices is available for free.

Additional signal processing add-ons can be purchased in our webstore, if they are not included in your kit already.

Can I connect OpenSignals to third-party software?

Yes, you can stream acquired sensors signals in real-time to third-party software with Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) or TCP/IP streaming features.

Can I process my acquired signals with OpenSignals?

We offer signal processing add-ons for some of our sensors that allow you to record signals in real-time or post-processing.

You can find our signal processing add-ons in our webstore.

What should I do if I experience Bluetooth communication issues?

Try our Bluetooth troubleshooting guide to find a solution and to improve your Bluetooth communication stability.

Where can I find OpenSignals documentation?

You can find the OpenSignals user manual and sample reports in our OpenSignals documentation article.

We also strongly recommend searching for support articles in our knowledge base / support page where you can find a variety of useful articles to help using OpenSignals and PLUX devices.

Updated on 30 de December de 2022

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