What is BITalino?

BITalino is an affordable, plug & play, versatile and open-source biosignals platform designed for Education & Prototyping. This is the ideal toolkit to be used in a laboratory & classroom environment or to create prototypes and applications using physiological sensors.

BITalino (r)evolution is compatible with hardware blocks with sensors for electrocardiography (ECG), electromyography (EMG), electrodermal activity (EDA), electroencephalography (EEG), motion, and ambient light. With BITalino, the teacher or tutor can rapidly set up a virtual or presential class and ensure that each student interacts individually with the biosignal acquisition platforms without requiring an engineering background. BITalino has easy-to-use software (OpenSignals) for visualization and recording of raw data, a set of programming APIs, signal processing add-ons, and an open-source framework for real-time data acquisition & visualization.

Updated on 14 de October de 2021

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