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Getting Started: Beurer® Contact Thermometer (OT 30)

The Beurer® Non-Contact Thermometer (FT 90) is a non-contact body temperature sensor as a standalone device and in OpenSignals use.

Learn how to use this device with your next biosignals recordings and more in this article.


  • Skin-contact temperature reader with a waterproof, flexible measuring tip
  • Compatible with biosignalsplux and BITalino products in OpenSignals Desktop
  • Standalone: record data without PLUX devices using the device’s built-in display (up to 30 readings)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-enabled (support for OpenSignals & PLUX APIs coming soon)


  • Body temperature extraction
  • Measurement Range: 32.00 – 42.99 °C
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.05°C at 35.00°C – 38.00°C (@ ambient temperature of 18.00°C – 28.00°C), else ± 0.1°C
  • Battery-powered: 1x CR2032 battery (included)
  • Product Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.3 x 18cm
  • Product Weight: 20g (excl. battery)

Device Interface

First Use

The Beurer® Contact Thermometer (OT30) comes with everything needed to record temperature data. 

In order to use the thermometer for the first time, you must first re- move the battery isolation strip on the battery compartment cover:

  1. Open the battery compartment cover by twisting it anti-clockwise using a coin
  2. Remove the battery isolation strip
  3. Close the battery compartment cover by twisting it clockwise using a coin until you feel it click firmly into place

The thermometer is now ready for use.

Measuring Temperature Data

This sensor can be used for traditional measurements of body temperature such as for oral or arm-pit measurements.

To start a measurement, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the device by pressing the power button. Upon start, the device will display the last measured temperature.
  2. Wait for Lo°C to appear on the device display which indicates that the device is ready for measurements
  3. Place the sensor on the measurement location
  4. Close your mouth and breathe calmly through your nose so that the air from your breathing does not influence the measurement. During measurement, the display is switched off to save the battery and the LED ring flashes slowly. Measuring ends when a stable temperature is reached which can take a few seconds.
  5. An acoustic signal sounds and the measured temperature value is shown

Logging the results in OpenSignals Desktop

Results recorded by this device can be manually logged into your OpenSignals recordings during real-time acquisition and in post-processing using the Manual Measurements tool.

Learn everything you need in the dedicated support article here:

OpenSignal’s Manual Measurements

Documentation & Other Information

Beurer provides their own line of health apps for their products. These apps may be available free of charge in the iOS App Store and Google Play store but are not compatible with PLUX software. PLUX does not provide any support for native Beurer apps.

Updated on 18 de September de 2023

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