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Respiration Analysis add-on for OpenSignals (r)evolution

plux biosignals, OpenSignals, Respiration Analysis add-on

The Respiration Analysis add-on for the OpenSignals (r)evolution software is the ideal software extension for the PLUX Piezo-Electric Respiration (PZT) and Inductive Respiration (RIP) sensors.

This add-on is designed to extract temporal and spectral parameters to provide useful information about the breathing dynamics, such as respiratory rate, amplitude parameters, and basic spectral analysis.

Supported Sensors

(1) compatible with BITalino and biosignalsplux systems


The Respiration Analysis add-on extracts the parameters and features listed below which can be exported as reports in .CSV and .PDF file formats.


  • Breathing dynamics identification & overall classification
  • Temporal & spectral feature extraction
  • Statistical amplitude, frequency, and overall signal parameters
  • Histogram & Power Spectral Density for breathing cycle interval data

Extracted Parameters

  • Breathing cycle amplitude parameters: Maximum, mean, standard deviation, root-mean-square & total energy estimation
  • Frequency parameters: breathing frequency (in breath/min and f) & breathnig frequency classification
  • Breath-to-Breath interval (BBI) parameters: Minimum, maximum, mean, standard deviation, & root-mean-square of successive BBI differences


You can use the following sample data to test the add-on yourself (a free version of the add-on is included in the free OpenSignals base version):

You can download sample reports of this add-on here (PDF and .ZIP file with CSV files below):

Updated on 13 de January de 2022

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